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  1. La Quinta leans toward new citywide landscaping tax

    • Mar 18, 2014

    LA QUINTA -- The La Quinta City Council on Tuesday appeared to favor a general citywide tax as a way to close a $300,000 shortfall in the city's lighting and landscaping...

  2. La Quinta residents don't want landscape maintenance tax increase

    • Mar 17, 2014

    The La Quinta City Council will discuss the survey and potential next steps... The La Quinta City Council meets at 3: 30 p.m. inside City Council chambers, 78 - 495 Calle Tampico...

  3. La Quinta City Council weighs in on two bills circulating in California legislature

    • Feb 23, 2014

    SACRAMENTO -- La Quinta City Council is backing two... Both the League of California Cities and La Quinta City Council are also opposing House Resolution 29 -- introduced on...

  4. Cinemark to open Century movie theater in La Quinta

    • Jan 24, 2014

    LA QUINTA -- When a developer approached La Quinta City Council with the opportunity to own a movie theater about 10 years ago, Councilwoman Terry Henderson said the offer was...

  5. SilverRock proposal OK'd by La Quinta City Council

    • Apr 16, 2013

    LA QUINTA -- Two developers entered and one, Meriwether Companies, left Tuesday evening's La Quinta City Council meeting with the right to negotiate phase one of SilverRock...

  6. La Quinta OKs budget that's back in the black

    • Jun 18, 2013

    The La Quinta City Council unanimously approved the city's fiscal year 2013 - 14 budget Tuesday. The city is projected to run a surplus of nearly $1.1 million next fiscal year...

  7. Funds fight looms for La Quinta

    • May 12, 2013

    The La Quinta City Council would rather go to court, though.'' Right now, it's kind of hard to plan ahead,'' City Manager Frank Spevacek said.'' The straightforward...

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