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  1. Monday Newsmaker: Desert Hot Springs Mayor Adam Sanchez puts an emphasis on youth

    • Jan 19, 2014

    Adam Sanchez was elected mayor of Desert Hot Springs in November, defeating incumbent Mayor Yvonne Parks by 12 votes. He was first elected to the council in 2011. Born in 1958...

  2. Desert Hot Springs eyes $2.2 million city pact in search for cuts

    • Dec 30, 2013

    Former Mayor Yvonne Parks, Councilwoman Jan Pye and Councilman Scott Matas voted in favor of the contract while Mayor Adam Sanchez and Betts, both councilmen at the time, voted...

  3. Political Insider: Local leaders tell us what to expect in 2014

    • Dec 28, 2013

    '' Councilman Russ Betts and former Mayor Yvonne Parks will join forces to put on a roadshow version of' Hello Dolly,''' Kelly said. Want to catch the performance? You...

  4. Ranch holds 11th lunch

    • Dec 21, 2013

    Notables attending the fundraising luncheon were former Desert Hot Springs Mayor Yvonne Parks; ranch board chairman Mitch Epstein; program officer of the Berger Foundation...

  5. Desert Hot Springs Mayor Yvonne Parks to seek vote recount

    • Nov 13, 2013

    DESERT HOT SPRINGS -- Desert Hot Springs Mayor Yvonne Parks will request a recount of the election tally that has her losing her seat to Councilman Adam Sanchez by 12 votes....

  6. Adam Sanchez wants to focus on Desert Hot Springs' strengths

    • Nov 21, 2013

    Outgoing Desert Hot Springs Mayor Yvonne Parks, who trailed Sanchez by 12 votes, requested the recount. MORE: Comprehensive Desert Hot Springs coverage Parks could not be...

  7. Desert Hot Springs recount starts Thursday

    • Nov 19, 2013

    The recount was formally requested by Desert Hot Springs Mayor Yvonne Parks, who lost her re-election bid by just 12 votes to Councilman Adam Sanchez. The final tally shows...

  8. Desert Hot Springs attracting unwanted national attention

    • Nov 16, 2013

    The new numbers, which did not come out until after the Nov. 5 election, stand in stark contrast to the ones Mayor Yvonne Parks was still touting on her campaign website last...

  9. Desert Hot Springs mayor 'blindsided' by $3.07M shortfall

    • Nov 07, 2013

    DESERT HOT SPRINGS -- Mayor Yvonne Parks on Friday blasted her own city hall for a newly released budget report that shows the city has a $3.07 million shortfall and could be...

  10. Desert Hot Springs' future on shaky ground

    • Nov 09, 2013

    After initially trailing incumbent Mayor Yvonne Parks, Councilman Adam Sanchez now leads by a mere 12 votes, the Riverside County Registrar's Office announced Saturday after it...

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