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  1. Amelia Hadley: Exploring spring break fun

    • Mar 20, 2014

    The Palm Springs Aerial Tramway is open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. (last tram up) Monday through Friday and opens at 8 a.m. Saturday and Sunday. A trip to the top of the San...

  2. Ulrich Luscher ID'd as dead hiker

    • Mar 09, 2014

    An 81-year-old Orinda man was identified as the hiker who was pronounced dead Sunday following a rescue effort in the San Jacinto Wildnerness near the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway ...

  3. Palm Springs Aerial Tramway lot to charge visitors parking fee of $5

    • Jan 21, 2014

    Visitors to the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway ... '' The funds will go back into roads and parking lots,'' said Rob Parkins, general manager of the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway.''...

  4. Presidents Day: holiday closures

    • Feb 16, 2014

    Palm Springs Aerial Tramway: open Palm Springs Air Museum: open Palm Springs Art Museum: closed Postal Service: closed Sunnylands Center & Gardens: closed Trash, recycling:...

  5. Letter: Why incur the cost of a ticket booth?

    • Feb 03, 2014

    Did the operators of the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway consider raising the tram tickets a dollar or two, rather than paying the cost of operating a booth? They not only have the...

  6. Letter: Tramway started out with a parking fee

    • Feb 03, 2014

    '' Everything old is new again,'' at least that saying is true at the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway. When the tram first opened in 1963, there was a small kiosk in the middle of...

  7. Thumbs down: Parking fee will hurt Palm Springs tramway

    • Jan 31, 2014

    Given that ridership at the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway was mostly flat in 2013, it's hard to understand the logic behind the decision to tack on an extra $5 parking charge,...

  8. Snow falls atop Mount San Jacinto

    • Feb 06, 2014

    '' Only a dusting so far in Long Valley,'' Lena Smith, spokeswoman for the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway, wrote in an email this morning. Read more on The Sidebar ...

  9. Palm Springs Aerial Tramway closed for maintenance

    • Aug 09, 2013

    PALM SPRINGS -- Friday was the last day to ride the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway before it closed for three weeks for annual maintenance work. The tram is scheduled to reopen on...

  10. Guess the first snowfall at Palm Springs Aerial Tramway

    • Sep 18, 2013

    PALM SPRINGS -- The Palm Springs Aerial Tramway's annual snow guessing contest starts Oct. 1, a tram spokeswoman said Wednesday. The first 10 people who guess the date of...

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